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Crude Phenol Liquid

Specs: Phenol 80%min, as shown GC Moisture: 20%max CAS No.: 108-95-2 Physical State: Liquid Appearance: Dark Red Packaging: IBC tank Quantity: 250MT in stock ORIGIN:…
resin oil

Resin Oil

Applications : Resin oil is primarily used to produce hydrocarbon-based resins such as C9 aromatic-based resins and as a feedstock in the production of dicyclopentadiene…
Lead Ingot

Lead Ingot

Applications : Lead-acid storage batteries. Ammunition, cable sheathing and building construction materials. Counterweights. Battery clamps. Cast products such as: bearing, ballast, gaskets, type metal etc.…
Potassium Iodate

Potassium Iodate

Applications: Additive for food industry. laboratory reagent. Packing : 25 KG Box CAS No : 7758-05-6 Specifications : Parameter Min Max Unit Typical value Assay…
Crude Alcohol

Crude Alcohol

There is 1000MT “Crude Alcohol” from UPC, Taiwan for sale. This Crude Alcohol is yellowish and insoluble in water. The major of this Crude Alcohol…
Ethyl Acetate Solven

Ethyl Acetate Solvent

Parameter             Car 1       Car 2    Car  3 Ethyl Acetate         58%       46%        58% N-Butyl Acetate    16%       25%        19% Sec-Butyl Acetate   –             8%        5.5% Isoamyl Alcohol       7%      …