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SAE 30/SAE 40

Product details

  • Gasoline engine SC/CC performance.
  • Light duty diesel engine under moderate working conditions.
  • Drum 208 Ltr / Bulk (Flexi Tank)
Features and Benefits:
  • Product made out of virgin base oil
  • High thermal stability
  • Good viscosity retention
  • Pressure drop prevention
  • Low volatility
  • Engine protecting against friction and wear
  • Storing lubricants preferably indoor and if not possible, outdoor under cover away from direct sun light.
  • Avoid temperature fluctuation, maintaining storage temperature around 25 Deg.c will be great help lubricant quality protection.
  • This product is stable in ambient conditions, non-corrosive and can be stored in mild steel containers.
Saftey, Health and Environment:
  • This product is stable in ambient conditions and is practically non-irritating to skin and eyes.
  • Avid prolonged and repeated skin contact with used oil.
  • In case of skin contact, wash with soap and water.
  • Avid environmental pollution. Return used oil to collection center.
Specifications :
Density at 15 Deg.CKg/m3ASTM D-40520.8950.9
Kinematic Viscosity@ 100 Deg.cCstASTM D-4451115
Viscosity Index——–ASTM D-22709090
Flash PointDeg.cASTM D-92230250
Pour PointDeg.cASTM D-97-18-9
Total Base Number (TBN)mg KOH/grASTM D-289633

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